Development of detached housing area in Miami

Development of detached housing area in Miami, Russian Architect Mikhail Skisov, Florida real estate trends

How the development of the detached housing area in Miami will improve the quality of life and tourist attractiveness: architect Mikhail Skisov

1 March 2022

Author of the article: Chris Brown

A well-known Russian architect Mikhail Skisov, who has been pursuing his creative aspirations in the United States in recent years, shared his professional opinion on the positive impact of development of the detached housing area on the overall quality of life and tourist attraction.

Development of detached housing area in Miami

A few words about the architect

Mikhail Skisov is a talented architect from Russia, a member of the Union of Architects of Russia, winner of many prestigious awards, and author of lots of designs. His achievements in the professional field prove the status of the architect.

If we are concerned about his work at home in Russia, then it is worth noting victory in the competition for the development of the Osetrovsky Bridgehead Memorial Complex; the first prize in Building a New Olympus-2019 – the competition for the best achievement in the construction industry; victory in the final part of the first stage of the architectural competition of houses for the elderly, multiple victories (in 2009, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2020) in the architectural forum Zodchestvo VRN – a prestigious and significant government project for the Voronezh region (Russia).

Development of detached housing area in Miami

Mikhail is the author of the design, according to which the embankment of the Tikhaya Sosna River was reconstructed in the city of Ostrogozhsk, Voronezh Region (Russia), today one of the favorite places for recreation of the residents of the town. The idea of ​​this project embodies the history of the city itself: urban legends and real facts. Thanks to the efforts and talent of Mikhail, a boat station, an amphitheater for public events and thoughtful recreation areas appeared on the embankment.

Since 2010 Mikhail Skisov has been a member of the Union of Architects of Russia. Numerous victories in specialized competitions and impressive baggage of implemented projects helped Mikhail become a member of such a well-respected professional organization.

In 2020, the architect accepted the invitation and joined the public organization Russia Designers Association – the participation that requires many successful designs, patents, copyright certificates, publications in specialized media, and participation in exhibitions, conferences, symposiums, and other professional events.

Development of detached housing area in Miami

When Mr. Skisov gained fame in his homeland, with no less enthusiasm and energy, he decided to continue his work in the United States, where he quickly proved himself as a talented architect with a non-trivial approach to creativity.

Together with a team of like-minded people, he received a silver medal at the International Design Awards for the memorial project at the site of a collapsed residential building in Surfside, Florida. He developed the Coral Tower – luxury residential complex, approved by the authorities of Miami. As well Mikhail Skisov created the Washington Tower apartment design at 6015 Washington St Hollywood, FL 33023, Washington, commissioned by Vera Fund, a crowdfunding platform for co-investing in US commercial and residential real estate, and many other designs.

On the relevance of development of the detached housing area

While most of Miami’s residents live in apartment buildings and thus directly influence the city’s cultural dynamics, cottage development opens up much more room for owners to express themselves. It was with this idea that Mikhail Skisov joined the American architectural community, where he is ready to share his accumulated in Russia experience in designing both full-functional apartments and detached housing areas.

Despite the fact that apartment buildings have many advantages, such as swimming pools, laundries, gyms, concierge services, and even cinemas, exclusively detached housing ownership allows you to unleash the creative potential of the owner fully, give him the opportunity to fully implement personal freedom and desires.

Another thing that a detached house provides is the conditions in which residents contact with nature at maximum and are engaged into ornamental gardening or even agriculture, which meets their requirements for environmentally friendly products, which is one of the main trends in the West today.

Florida and especially Miami is a region rich in natural resources. The local culture and wide natural potential are stunning in their beauty and diversity.

Mikhail Skisov is concerned about social difference that is evident depending on the district of the city. This problem can be brought to a public level, and detached construction can be relieved from such a disadvantage as social inequality. With the right approach, even the strict regulations established in the construction industry due to frequent hurricanes will not become a handicap. In Russia Mr. Skisov accumulated extensive experience in designing buildings intended for completely different budgets, which at the same time do not violate any building codes and regulations.

According to Mr. Skisov, the widespread use of alternative building materials, ergonomic layout, and optimization of utilities will help make the detached housing accessible in primary real estate. And this is despite the fact that the usual cost of square meter for an apartment in Miami is about a third lower than a square meter in detached housing areas.

 On principles of building houses in Florida

A detached house is most often built in Miami with a frame or block technology with walls of small thickness. These are prefabricated buildings without additional insulation, quite budgetary in terms of construction costs.

In addition to contractors that are directly involved in general construction or finishing processes, an impressive part of the business is allocated to the activities of the so-called landscaping services, whose task is to improve and support the surrounding areas.

All this affects the cost of the house a lot. In addition, the location of the structure, the disposition with regard to the ocean and the destination of the structure are of great importance: housing for rent or a detached house for permanent residence of the owners.

According to Mikhail’s authoritative opinion, the difference in price between apartment and cottage development will help to significantly reduce such type of housing as townhouses, which is more typical for Great Britain than for North America. This area is actively developing today both in Russia and in the USA, as it has a number of obvious advantages and offers the right balance between an apartment and a house.


Summing up, we can say that the accumulated experience, creative flair and high professional level of Mikhail Skisov will allow the promising architect to offer American clients interesting architectural forms and fill them with everything necessary for a full and comfortable life.

The author of this Florida architectural article is Chris Brown

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