Best architectural tours in London

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Best architectural tours in London

10 Feb 2021

Best architectural tours in London

London architecture is very diverse. The capital impresses with its beautiful architectural buildings. The city has Victorian-style buildings, Tudor-style buildings, buildings of modern architecture, etc. When taking the best architectural tours in London visitors can see the Tower of London, the Lloyd’s Building, St Paul’s Cathedral building, Tower Bridge and other buildings. Many famous architects worked in London. Architecture tours are a great way to learn the history of the capital.

Different types of London architecture tours

There are many ways to explore the diversity of London architecture. You can walk in the urban areas of the capital and see every landmark, take advantage of a cycling tour, bus tours or tours with architects-guides.

Architecture walking tours

If you are a kind of tourist who likes to walk, then you should take advantage of a walking tour. London offers a large selection of walking tours. Do you want to see contemporary British architecture? Or, maybe, office buildings are more to your liking? Every tourist can easily find a London walking tour that meets his/her preferences.

Architecture guided tours

Would you like to see the architecture of London city with a professional architect? Take a guided tour of the architecture. The vast majority of guided tours are personalised. A tourist can select an architect-guide, type of transportation, the historic areas that he/she would like to visit, etc.

What are the options for architectural tours in London

It would be better to plan a London architecture tour plan ahead of time. The capital has a lot to offer to architecture lovers. According to the opinion of the architecture firm at Proficiency, each district in Central London can boast of rich history and unique architectural buildings. There are the buildings of contemporary architecture as well as the buildings that date back to the times from the Middle Ages and the 20th century.

Tate modern guided tour

Enjoy a well-organised architecture of the Tate Modern museum in London with a guide. This tour allows you to see the most unusual pieces of conceptual art.

Take a tour of Westminster Abbey

London Westminster Abbey is a very popular landmark in London. It’s a historic place where weddings and ceremonies take place. According to the statistics, over 1.57 million people visit Westminster Abbey annually. This architecture tour is good for families and kids. It provides a unique sightseeing experience.

Enjoy an interesting audio tour of secret shoreditch

This tour would be the perfect choice for podcast lovers. The tour was created by the local historian and the local guide. It provides great audio experience and allows you to get familiar with the neighbourhood of Shoreditch and learn more about its culture, cuisine and culture. You need to download the app to explore the neighbourhood.

Walk through the financial center of London “The City”

It’s one of the most interesting British architectural tours. During this tour, you will visit the financial district of the city “The City” and enjoy its amazing architecture. The building style in this London area perfectly combines modernity and tradition. Here, you’ll be able to see works of many famous architects such as Arne Jacobsen, Daniel Libeskind, Norman Foster, Richard Rogers and others.

Best architectural tours in London

Explore the history of Docklands and Canary Wharf

Docklands and Canary Wharf is known for its architecture. Here, unused warehouses turned into apartments for workers. The tallest buildings such as One Canada Square are located in this part of London. There are a lot of bars and restaurants available in the district. Initially, only working-class families lived in this area. Later, the area became the middle-class zone.

Walk through the financial district of London “Old Town”

Old Town is the financial centre of London and one of the oldest areas in the city of London. You will be impressed with such buildings as:


  • Paul’s Cathedral
  • Guildhall
  • the Monuments
  • the Temple of Mithras
  • the Shard


Old Town tours are very interesting. The district is the home to the tallest buildings in Europe.

Take time to discover post Olympics architecture of London

While travelling around London, don’t miss an opportunity to see the architecture of the Summer Olympic Games in 2012. Take a tour provided by a guide architect. Most of the buildings were renovated and transformed into areas for public use. A tour allows you to see the transformation process. You should visit the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The park has many examples of post-Olympic architecture.

See artificial trees that help reduce pollution in London

Trees improve air quality by reducing pollution and releasing oxygen. Visit the Ultra Low Emission Zone in the British capital to miniature forests. Each forest works as a pollution filter. Each forest is equal to 275 trees.

ONE Putney Residential Building / PHASE3

Give preference to English architectural tours that include ONE Putney Residential Building / PHASE3. The building’s architecture is impressive. It consists of 15 residential apartments, a shared rooftop terrace as well as a green roof.

The colour palace pavilion is one of must visit attractions in London

The Colour Palace Pavilion is a very interesting building that perfectly combines architecture, art and cultural traditions. The building is a public space that brings together people of all ages. The pavilion has a lightweight structure and lots of hand-painted timber pieces.

Visit the Royal Opera House

Stanton Williams has spent £50.7million on the renovation of the Royal Opera House. Building’s entrances and ground-floor lobby have been renovated and 400 seats have been added to the opera house. The renovation allowed more people to enjoy opera and ballet.

Isle of Dogs – explore the architecture while cycling

The Isle of Dogs is a good architecture tour for people, who can’t imagine their life without cycling. During a cycling tour, you’ll explore the ever-changing area of London and see the office building as well as large housing developments.

Best architectural tours in London

Visit Bankside & The Thames to see the most diverse spaces of London

This area has a lot of cultural buildings. Here you can see a museum, gallery, theatre and other types of cultural buildings.

Select the right architectural tour in London

There are many great tours available for people, who want to explore the architectural buildings and hidden gems of London. Plan a tour meticulously and decide what architectural sites you would like to visit beforehand. This will help you make a smart choice!

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