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5 Apr 2021

Playing computer games: cyber athlete

Why “Playing Computer Games” And “Being A Cyber Athlete” Are Not the Same Thing

For a child who spends a lot of time on the computer, esports is the way out. Teenage esports athletes become millionaires as soon as they turn 18, and scholarships are offered to esports students. But the child’s parents still treat him with a big prejudice and believe that esports is equal to computer games.

It is no secret that esports is rapidly gaining popularity and soon promises to become an even more profitable activity for most of its participants. Its rapid development has spawned many discussions about how big it can grow and whether we will see it flourish in the near future.

Do not think that any game that is of interest to the audience can become an esports discipline. At the moment, there are directions that have managed to conquer the whole world: FIFA, DOTA 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike.

World of Warcraft can be added to the listed types, although it has achieved international recognition precisely as a sports discipline not so long ago. All other games, despite their fame, are not yet included in the esports concept. At the same time, the list is unambiguously expanding every year. Bookmakers are actively reacting to this phenomenon, it is already possible to place bets on esports on the most progressive sites, said Darren Keane from Storm International.

Cyber athlete career

Until recently, professional gamers’ careers were very short, with only a few able to support themselves for more or less long. High turnover prevented players and fans from building long-term relationships, which is very important for the development of any sport. Today, more and more players can support themselves with the help of esports, and this allows them to achieve true professionalism.

Structural growth includes numerous managers, coaches, agents and lawyers coordinating the esports business, all kinds of media covering tournaments and events, as well as various fantasy leagues and betting sites, whose emergence testifies to the increased popularity of esports. Ultimately, when cable networks like ESPN start to track esports events and report on changes in their schedules, there is no doubt that this is the mainstream. And this is a huge win for anyone interested in developing esports.

The massive growth in profitable esports activities, in turn, is driving a beneficial change for professional players. Many of them are forced to earn their living, and there is almost no time left for training and playing practice. Some gamers quit esports as soon as they leave school. But now salary opportunities, rich prize pools, streaming payments, and sponsorships allow the best players to concentrate fully on honing their gaming prowess, just like pro athletes or show business stars do.

Regular training, psychologist and fitness trainer

Cybersport is not a competition between a person and a robot or a computer, as is often thought, but a competition between two players. It can be individual and in team. The computer acts only as a sports equipment. Like a chess board.

Like any sport, esports is a system. They also prepare for competitions with the help of training. For professional teams, they are divided into several parts. Firstly, this is a theory – they look at the records of past competitions, analyze how their opponents played, look for their strengths and weaknesses. They analyze their matches in the same way, said Michael Boettcher from Storm International.

The second part is the practice, when the athlete hones the technique with a coach or partner. Any professional team also has psychological training. The team learns to admit their guilt in time, to behave in a stressful situation, not to give vent to negative emotions and to support each other if something goes wrong during the game, and victory slips out of hand.

Imagine a professional team competing in a different time zone. A tense situation, big money and the country’s prestige are at stake. In this situation, a person needs to give one hundred percent.

Key matches are played on stage when there are a lot of spectators around – this is an additional stressful factor. Therefore, every athlete has a fitness instructor. A person physically not adapted to such loads in any sport will not be able to show a normal result. For a long time, chess players did not pay attention to their bodies, but when they began to practice fitness systematically, their performance in the game improved up to 40 %.

Esports teaches not to switch arrows to another

We need to make a clear distinction: esports and computer games are not the same thing. The main difference between esports and ordinary computer games is that it is really a real sport, and games here are just a tool. What distinguishes an athlete from a simple lover to play computer games is that he constantly participates in competitions and earns a living from this.

We conducted a study: guys who go in for sports spend half the time at the computer than their peers, although they play the same game.

After training, an athlete will not be interested in playing with people not of his level. An ordinary person, in modern terms, sticks to the game for many hours. Any sport develops competencies that will help you become successful in the modern world.

The vast majority of esports disciplines are team disciplines, but even if a person plays in the individual category, he or she needs the skills of being in society. Non-standard situations happen – the Internet is gone, the light blinked, the player needs to correctly file an appeal, explain why he or she does not agree with the referee’s decision.

Esports develops many social skills – the ability to make decisions in a short time and in conditions of incomplete information, the ability to play in a team. The ability, in case of victory, to share it with the team, and in case of loss, to take on part of the blame for the defeat, and not to transfer the arrows to someone else. This is the ability to seek information, communicate with foreigners and knowledge of other languages.

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