Granny Annexes: elderly relatives accommodation

Granny Annexes: elderly relatives accommodation, Property for older people

Granny Annexes: The Perfect Solution for Elderly Relatives

20 January 2023

Granny Annexes: elderly relatives accommodation

Finding an elderly care home can be a little bit tricky especially when you want a place that fits your budget. But there is more to getting an elderly care home: the opportunity to be close with your elderly relatives round the clock. Whether they are terminally ill and are receiving palliative care or are suffering from a disability, a granny annex can bridge the gap between you and your elderly loved ones.

You may be thinking “What exactly is a granny annex?” A granny annex is a detached building connected to your house that allows you to care for your elderly parents and grandparents.

Here are some exciting benefits of owning a granny annex:

  • It allows you to spend more hours with the elderly

Creating time to visit your loved ones who are elderly can be a daunting task especially when you have busy schedules. A granny annex in your property makes so easy to spend time with your elderly parents. It allows you and your family to share those special moments with them.

  • It makes your elderly parents more secure

Imagine the peace of mind and wellness benefits that living close to your elderly relatives can bring. A granny annex makes you a call away in an event of a health emergency. It also makes you more accountable to their needs with more control of your elderly parents’ welfare.

  • It has low running costs

The running costs of a granny annex is substantially lesser when compared to the cost of hospice care. The cost of staying at a nursing home has increased steadily across the country. This justifies the need of a granny annex in your property.

  • It promotes multigenerational living

Would you like the idea of living with three or more generations of your family? Well, you should try it if you can because of its benefits. Your grandparents can play a major orle in shaping your children’s lives, babysitting your toddlers, and sharing stories with great life lessons. Today, many Britons are adopting the idea of multigenerational households. That’s why having a granny annex will help make living together as a big family a reality.

Convinced and ready to get a granny annex? It is worth the investment for your loved ones. We have some limited granny annex buildings for sale. Book a call with one of our experts so you can see how we can help you make a better buying decision. Contact us now.

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