How to bring colour to your garden in spring

How to bring colour to your garden in the spring guide, Property outdoors style advice

How To Bring Colour To Your Garden In The Spring

6 June 2023

During springtime, adding colour into your garden can add a sense of warmth, giving a much-needed welcoming atmosphere to your outdoor space after months of cold and desolation from the winter. From interesting planting themes, putting down coloured decking and stonework, to simply being experimental with your painting, there are many ways to bring colour into your garden in the springtime. Let’s take a look…

How to bring colour to your garden in spring

Colourful Flowers

Flowers come in all kinds of tones and colours, allowing you to easily select something that will match the design ideas in your own head. For example, daffodils are an incredibly easy flower to plant, and can transform your lawn space into a friendlier, happier environment.  Simply plant your daffodil bulbs in the autumn for an explosion of yellow flowers during the springtime.

Similarly, tulips can come in most colours and are relatively easy to grow. Planting tulips into the soil during the winter months can ensure that, come the springtime, your garden will be met with an attractive bed of colourful flowers.

Neutral Toned Decking

Alongside your colourful planting themes, you can create an effective blank canvas for your garden by choosing a coloured composite decking solution. A good rule of thumb when choosing different colours in your garden space is to create a sense of colours. Lighter tones will contrast against darker tones, so having lighter decking will make the deep colours of any planting themes pop.

Antique decking especially is a neutral colour, which will help to make the more vibrant, rich colours in your planting themes stand out, drawing attention to them. Should you wish to make a different kind of statement, you can also invest in grey or black decking, pairing your deck boards instead against white flowers.

Painted Pots and Planters

An easy way to create a consistent, colourful theme in your garden space is by painting your pots and planters. Opting for exciting, lively colours can help your garden appear more friendly and welcoming, and if paired or contrasted effectively, can massively elevate the design of your outdoor space.

Either paint over traditional terracotta pots or planters or build your own long planters to create different areas for your outdoor space. Repurposing old furniture or unused items such as car tyres, oil lanterns and even kitchen cabinets can give your garden a real sense of quirkiness and character.

colour garden spring flowers

Growing Vegetables

Turning your garden into a functional vegetable plot is not only a perfect way to make more use out of your outdoor space, but it can also create small flourishes of colour to stand out amongst the greens of your planting areas. For example, tomato plants are a great way to break up the monotony of green hedgerows and plants by creating small bursts of brilliant reds.

Should you want to add more exciting colour to your garden going forward, the springtime is also the perfect opportunity to begin planting vegetables that will flower in the summer months. Sow purple cauliflower seeds during the spring for some unusual, novel splashes of colour.

To conclude, there are many ways in which to bring colour into your outdoor space during the springtime. Interesting planting themes, investing in decking boards, painting your planters, and growing interesting vegetables are just some methods you can run with. As a time of natural renewal and rejuvenation, the springtime presents an ample opportunity to transform your garden into a more welcoming, sunnier space.

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