Advantages of aluminium doors and windows

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The advantages of the aluminium doors and windows

1 July 2022

There is no doubt whatsoever that aluminium is the material of the present and future. If cars, trains, ships, aeroplanes, furniture, aluminium doors and windows, consumer appliances, kitchen utensils, foils, and cans are not enough to convince you, visit the nearest downtown area and look up. These high-rise buildings that you see, amazing monuments of modern architecture should be quite a sufficient proof. It would be difficult to build these kinds of constructions without this metal. All these items are just parts of the entire palette of things and products we have and enjoy thanks to the aluminium.

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The green side of the aluminium

Several years ago, the U.S. organisation representing companies and suppliers “The Aluminium Association” created a guide for builders, engineers, architects, designers, building owners, or essentially anyone who can professionally benefit from objects made from aluminium. Besides giving information about the life cycle, environmental influence, and other important recent data, this document placed this metal on the green side of the colour wheel and confirmed its sustainability, functionality, and nature friendliness.

Because of its features such as strong, durable, ductile, corrosion-resistant, recyclable, and lightweight aluminium is trusted enough to be used for making smoke exhaust systems for the evacuation zones in the buildings. Most commercial users don’t seek in-depth analysis when they purchase aluminium entrance doors or any kind of product made from this material but do expect it to be easily maintainable, practical, with high-quality performance, and of course aesthetically pleasing. Although it might sound like a PR trick this list of characteristics matches the customers’ experience descriptions and perceptions of these products.

Reasons to choose aluminium frame systems

For most homeowners, the solutions for facades, doors, windows, and other parts of their home that are unprotected and exposed to the outside elements need to meet certain requirements. Due to the weather and time challenges, these parts should be sturdy, waterproofed, durable, and prone to adjustments, repair, or restoration.

Outstanding strength

Aluminium windows and especially doors are adaptable and therefore suitable for both entrance and back doors as well as for offices, public institutions, and other spaces with a high frequency of visitors. Despite the strength, aluminium panels are lightweight which makes them practical for big space separation and other purposes.

Noise cancellation

In some areas, living can be extremely hard with traffic and other noises. Because of the acoustic insulation aluminium sliding doors can create comfortable working or resting space that is peaceful and therefore perfect for both work and relaxation.

Energy efficiency

Most homeowners are interested in finding solutions to save on energy, not just financially but also for ecological efficiency purposes. Aluminium glass doors and windows with thermal break technology and heat-reflective glass can block the heat or cold, keep the indoor temperature level ideal, and still provide a lot of natural light.

Simple maintenance

Aluminium windows and doors are often powder-coated and regular repainting is not required. It’s enough to clean them with a soft cloth and some mild universal cleaning solution. Aluminium doors and windows are resistant so with reasonable and responsible use they should last for a very long time.

Aesthetics and comfort

From the design point of view, aluminium doors and windows can be incorporated into any interior and exterior style. This even includes those that are not ultramodern with monochromatic colour palette, clean lines, and of course aluminium-based furniture. The market offers different shapes, sizes as well as colours of aluminium doors and windows. Also, customers can find producers who offer personal adjustments and different types of customization.

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