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Common glasses used in modern home projects

28 June 2022

Common glasses in modern home projects

Glass is an important part of residential spaces, offices, and commercial buildings. Apart from beautifying, it ensures a natural, lively, healthy environment in our home. Different glass treatments can increase the home value too. Besides, they are highly sustainable and easy to maintain. Today’s market covers unlimited appealing options and you must take a look before your dream home’s construction. Check out these popular varieties:


They are undoubtedly the most used window glass worldwide. It is because maximum sunlight can enter through the transparent surface, making a room naturally lit and warm. As a result, you may not need to run the heater for hours during winter. Plus, you can enjoy the natural view sitting inside the building. They’re also used as bookshelf doors, table tops, doors, partitions, cabinet inserts, etc.


These glasses include little metal oxide that leads to a colorful appearance. They are available in green, dark gray, light gray, baby pink, ocean blue, light brown, silver, and many more tints. You can add them in place of clear glass to boost the interior’s design aesthetics. They’ll also help to increase privacy and block harmful UV radiation.


They’re widely known for their unbeatable strength, sturdiness, and durability. They are resistant to thermal breakage, scratches, sunlight damage, wear, and tear, etc. Therefore, they can be an excellent choice for shower doors, exterior facades, Rooflights, sliding doors, and other interior settings. As they come in endless styles and designs, you can find perfect matches for every renovation project.


One laminate sheet consists of regular glass and PVB interlayer. They’re robust but not as much as tempered glass. However, laminated glass wins in terms of shatter resistance, impact resistance, sound insulation, and price. Although they withstand lower temperatures, the performance won’t be the same for high temperatures. Windows, glass roofs, stairs, windows, aquariums, and display cabinets are some laminated glass applications.


As the name suggests, wired glass contains wire mesh, which looks fabulous. For this reason, they are capable of blocking fire longer than usual. They feature high resistance against electric shock and temperature change but may not endure impact variation. They break easily and their sharp wires might cause injuries. So you shouldn’t use them in the children’s room. Instead, install wired glass on fire escape routes or skylights.


A unique metallic layer makes this glass distinct from others. If privacy is your priority, these glasses will be better than tinted ones. They give a soothing feel on summer days by minimizing solar glare. They block UV and IF, which are harmful to delicate furniture, antique rugs, and our health. You’ll also find tons of shades for interior and exterior use cases.


They contain a single or multiple acoustic layers that operate as a noise reduction system. That’s why it is suitable for study rooms and sleeping zones. If your house is close to a factory or main road, this glass can help you out. It can drop the sound level by half.


It is slightly sturdier than regular glass and sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Their rugged textured side delivers a blurred view, whereas the other side looks like standard glass. Hence, homeowners mainly install them in private places such as bathroom doors, dividers, front doors, etc. The insider can see everything clearly while the outsiders can not peek inside.

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