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Building With Oak – Architectural Solutions for Home Working

8 Mar 2021

Building with oak can be a great choice for those who wish to enhance their home for home working. Oak is a sustainable, long-lasting and high-quality building material. And it is a flexible medium for a range of fantastic architectural designs. Warm, rich wood tones, a beautiful patina, and structural frameworks which can support many different architectural styles and glazing options are just some reasons why oak can be an excellent choice.

Building With Oak - Architectural Solutions for Home Working

Home working has, of course, become a major part of many people’s lives for the first time over the last year. And home design means thinking about how we can accommodate this change in lifestyle. The popular open-plan layouts that have been favoured in recent years do not necessarily lend themselves to working from home. So how might home design alter as more and more people move to more flexible working? Architects and sustainable designers recognise that building with oak provides a range of architectural solutions for home working.

Building Oak Extensions For Home Working

Oak is a material that lends itself to creating extensions for home working on existing homes. This is a material which can be acceptable even in conservation areas, and on listed properties. So it can open up new potential even where extensions can be a more challenging proposition. Oak can be more sympathetic to existing architecture and to the natural surroundings than many other construction materials. And its properties also mean that it creates interiors conducive to concentration and productivity.

An oak extension, for example, added to the south side of a property, can create a light and bright space ideal for those working from home. The flexible and versatile nature of this construction material means architects can play around with glazing and maximise passive solar design. A well-designed oak frame extension can improve the amenity and comfort of inside spaces.

Building Oak Framed Garden Buildings For Home Working

Of course, not all existing homes can be fitted with an extension. But where there are garden grounds, another solution for home working could be a garden building. There are a number of benefits to having a home work space or office that is separate from main living areas. Especially where there are other members of a household whose needs must also be accommodated, and if there are young children or multi-generational occupants.

A well-designed oak framed garden building can create the perfect, peaceful and noise-free work environment within a garden. Architects can work with clients to find the perfect garden building solution for their own particular site and their own particular needs. A garden building designed from the outset to blend harmoniously into the natural environment can help a home worker feel grounded, calm, and creative. It can be conducive to excellent productivity.

New Oak Framed Homes For Home Working

Architects can also consider home working when designing an entirely new oak framed home. Oak is a building material that is centuries old, and which can endure for generations to come. Architectural solutions using this medium, therefore, can create flexible spaces which can alter and change with the needs of the inhabitants – as families grow and needs change over time. Oak frames are ideal for grand open plan spaces – but also for flexible partitions and room division.

Oak beams and structural posts carefully positioned can serve to flexibly divide up a space so that it can be used for living and for working. And the material lends itself to creating calm, warm spaces that are perfectly suited to a particular home-owner or family’s needs and wishes.

Many people’s lives are changing, and lifestyles will continue to change over the years to come. Architects need to think about and incorporate flexibility into design to enable family life and home working. And oak is a medium well suited to many flexible designs.

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