Extending your home: everything to know about

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Everything You Need To Know About Extending Your Home

11 Sep 2019

Everything to know about extending your home

Extending your existing home could be a more affordable option than moving to a bigger place. But, having said this, you need to make sure that you’ve weighed up all the options before deciding whether to extend your home or move. There are many things you need to take into consideration before doing either.

If you’ve done all your research and found that extending you home will be more beneficial for you, your finances and your family there here’s a simple guide to everything you need to know about extending your home:

Getting Started on Home Expansion

Your first step in extending your home is to design your new area. You’ll need to start off with where you want to extend and have a rough idea. Then, you’ll need to contact a professional to help you design the perfect space. Remember that the ultimate goal is to make your home more livable.


Next, you need to find out if you need permission from the council to do a building extension. Very often the professional you’ve hired will be able to guide you through the process of obtaining the correct permissions. You may even find that the draughtsman or architect will be able to submit the plans to council on your behalf.


Next, you need to make sure you know who you are building for. Your extension should be more than a quick collection of thoughts. There needs to be a purpose behind your extension. Do you want to add value to your home? Do you need another room for a new family member? Will you be using the new entertainment area?

Home Spaces

Next, you need to see if you actually have enough space for the extension. When you know what you want to do you need to also know that you have the space to do it. If you’re planning an extended entertainment area you must make sure that it doesn’t take away too much of your garden space.

Expansion Direction

This step is as important as deciding whether you have enough space. You need to decide which way you’ll be extending. Will it be in the form of a loft or a basement or an extra room? Adding another level to your home is always an option if you do not have enough space to extend out. This will also work if you do not want to lose your existing garden space.

The Neighbours

Next, you’ll need to think of how your extension will affect your neighbours. Will they be completely happy with a second floor added to your home? Additionally, It’s also a great idea to keep you neighbors informed at all times of when you’ll have builders on-site, especially if you’re doing major alterations which could impact the noise levels in the area.

Extending your home Costs

The most important consideration you’ll make when deciding to extend your home is what you’ll be able to afford and what you’ll be able to get back when you sell the property. Even if you can afford a major alteration, will you get your money back when you eventually sell your home?

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