Electric boilers of SMART line by Tenko

Electric boilers of Tenko Smart series tips, Autonomous control system, Built-in microcontroller, Touch screen

Electric boilers of Tenko Smart series

9 September 2021

Electric boilers of SMART line by Tenko TM are a fully equipped engineering heating system, which is designed to make your life comfortable, including complete autonomy, zero noise and absence of other inconveniences. Electric boilers are based on modern electronics technology, the best equipment and the best materials. This makes it possible to feel the efficiency of the equipment and, of course, can guarantee faithful service for a long time.

Electric boilers of SMART series by Tenko TM have a wide range of possibilities in the equipment control during its operation in the process of heating premises of completely different sizes (maximum area up to 360 sq.m.). Can be issued in capacity from 6 to 36 kw, be connected in 220V network (capacity 6 kw, 9 kw and 12 kw) and 380V (all others). There are two blocks of copper heating elements and PCD (Protective Cut-Off Device).

Electric boilers of Tenko Smart series control system

This line of boilers has certain differences – a built-in microcontroller, as well as an autonomous control system to fully control the entire operation of the equipment based on the installed program. The advantage is the constant automatic update.

The SMART series boilers are equipped with a touch screen for easy adjustment of all functions (it displays service information, which includes the values of three temperature sensors: room (wired or remote) to control the temperature from 7 to 40 °C).

The set includes a wired temperature sensor, the installation of which is a prerequisite for the boiler to work 100% correct. It can be put on the unit, in case the operation only by the temperature of the heating medium is required. This can be found in the submenu “Service” – section “Blocking”. In this case, the following modes are also blocked: MTM (minimum temperature maintenance), modulation, timer and circulation pump on/off pauses).

Microcontroller – controls the heating elements and relays, in turn, the built-in software electricity meter is engaged in optimizing the operation and summarizing the necessary statistics in the operation process. Solid state relays and water cooling ensure silent operation during switching Silent operation during switching. Boilers can be operated under the condition of “closed” heating system (such boilers are not equipped with a coolant outlet on the external side).

Galvanized set panels form an integral body of the equipment.

The Tenko company has reliably equipped all SMART boilers. The package includes: a built-in wi-fi module (which can be used to control the boiler remotely), an automatic air vent, a safety valve of Italian production, circulation pump by Grundfos with frequency control, an expansion tank by Zilmet (also Italian production) with 7 liters volume, as well as a built-in pressure sensor and daily/weekly programmer.

Electric boilers of SMART line by Tenko

The boiler power is divided into 6 stages and has the following range of functions:

“anti-freeze” function (every 60 minutes the circulation pump is activated for 1 minute, while the boiler is in “sleeping” mode: if the coolant temperature is less than 5 °C, the heating is activated, after switching off the heating pump operates for another 1 minute), the diagnostics of power channels (with detailed information about errors), a convenient three-way valve control function, “soft start” (smooth connection of heating elements during the boiler start from the minimum value to the necessary one), “power modulation” (the automatic activation of the program within the boiler, which automatically selects the number of power stages to be included in a given cycle), “heating elements selectivity” (with enabled modulation function, each new cycle of the boiler turns on different heating elements, which makes it possible to increase their service life), MTM function (maintaining minimum temperature – if you are away for a long time, it is possible to set the room temperature at 7 -17 °C, it will be held after activation of the MTM function).

A great advantage is the remote control function of the electric boiler via any convenient browser or application installed on the Android or IOS operating systems.

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