Ways to make your home more valuable

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Ways to Make Your Home More Valuable

5 August 2021

It goes without saying that a person’s home is very important. People take great pride in their homes, as they should. Not only does it provide them shelter and warmth, but it is also somewhere they can relax and unwind. Most homes are given a personal touch by the owner, something that really makes a house a home. These things can give your home great sentimental value, as well as giving it a more homely feel.

Although sentimental value is important, it probably won’t get you too far on the market. If you are in a home that you believe is going to be your place of residence for life, then that doesn’t matter. However, if you do think that a day will come where you might need to sell in pursuit of a new adventure, then you’ll want your house to warrant as much market value as possible. To do this, you may want to consider some of the following suggestions. Once you feel as if your house is at its best potential and ready to sell, you should check out ihometrade virtual estate agents. This will allow you to get an online valuation of your home, meaning you’ll get the best price for minimum effort.

Ways to make your home more valuable

Here are some ways to make your home more valuable:

Attend to Structural Issues

This should be step one before getting into the market to sell your house. You need to resolve any structural issues that your home may have. It can be easy when living somewhere for a while to just get used to these issues, but they can have really negative implications when attempting to sell a home.

Although it may not be obvious, if a surveyor discovers any structural damage or potential risks, you can be sure that the value of your house is going to decrease quite rapidly. You should not even consider making any cosmetic changes to your home until it is structurally sound. Some of the structural issues you should be on the lookout for are the likes of cracks in your walls, leaking roofs, and insect infestations. Once you have established your home has no structural issues, you can then begin to improve it cosmetically.

Garden Design

A garden is a key part of any home, especially for buyers. It doesn’t take a huge amount of maintenance to achieve a wonderful garden, but it can add huge value to your home. Put some effort into garden design, and you could see the valuation of your house improve significantly. Some ideas for improving your garden are as follows:

Fresh and attractive plants – This really doesn’t require much effort, but some bright plants can really spark a garden into life. Go exotic or classy; either way, it adds a luxury sense to your garden.

Decking areaDecking areas in gardens can really elevate them to the next level. Not only is it a more usable living space on the property, but it can also act as a social hub for occasions. The possibilities of a decking area are endless and very much valued by buyers.

Privacy – Consider installing some tall fences or shrubs for your back garden. This will help achieve a good level of privacy, which can be seen as valuable to many. People value their privacy, especially on the property.

Convert Your Basement/Loft

Converting your basement or loft can really be a pull factor for buyers. The possibilities are massive for this kind of space, and it is considerably cheaper converting as opposed to building an extension. For this type of conversion, you can turn your basement or loft into several different things. A home bar, a spare bedroom, or even an entertainment room, the choice is yours. It won’t take much to make it a very livable space, and the value it can add to the home is certainly worthwhile.

New Windows

If you do not have double-glazed windows in your home, you are missing out on the opportunity to add serious value to your home. This is something that would often be considered essential among many buyers. It could completely deter certain people from not having them, which will considerably lower your house’s value. The windows are desired for a practical reason, more so than cosmetic. They help to retain the heat. This means that so much central heating is not required in the winter months, meaning that it actually saves money in the long run.

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